100 in Free Slots Credits

Quatro Casino has upped the free slots offer to 100 in credits. This is the largest amount of free play slots bonus that a player can claim online without a deposit. The offer is limited to one player per household and can expire at any time. Join Quatro Casino today to claim this fantastic free slots promotion. Play online slots games powered by Microgaming, the leaders in slot machine games. Normally people may think 100 credits isn’t to much for a free slots promotion but it does not take a fortune to win, only getting lucky helps and those who think I never win anything well you just might this time. I am one of those people who never won a contest or anything else but did decent in the casinos where people just called me lucky. I wasn’t extremely lucky just willing to risk and learned when the best time was to play. I prefer to play when progressives are high jackpots, a lot of the time they are loser then where you can build up credits easier. Following that strategy you just build up your coins and then when you have done what is needed with the free slots bonus go play some progressive machines and see if you can’t just boost up that money in your account. It is worth a try and you do not have anything to lose, remember your getting free slots credits just of joining so your not out anything.

How the free slots credits are added to your account. Pick a casino to play, download the software and yes I said download so you can actually get them. After that you while it is downloading you will be filling out your information. Make sure you give all your current information and make no mistakes or this might cause you problems later on. Then you will log in with the data they gave you. You can select auto save so you do not have to keep inputting every time you log back in but keep a hard copy some where for reference if you ever need it. Once you are in do not surf around the casino yet as you might have a hard time finding the button to start your free slots play. It will be on the first page you see as you log in and you must click to accept it. Now you will have an hour of total time to play and build up as many coins as you can. That is about it, except if you do well then you will need to move the money into the normal account which the casinos will provide you will full instructions on how to do this. Follow those instructions exactly so you have made no errors which could result in losing what you have won.